Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1, 2010

Finally! We are in the MTC in Provo for our training as full-time missionaries and as office missionaries in the TEXAS, HOUSTON mission.

Highlights of the 1st week at the MTC!
* The Spirit of this place is unbelievable!

* Having sets of missionaries come and ask if they can bear their testimonies to us in the language they are learning; so far we've heard Spanish twice and Tagalog once.

* Watching the new missionaries arrive on Wednesday, saying goodbye to their parents, and then walking into their new life! That was an awesome experience that brought back memories of saying good-bye to David and Peter. (550 new missionaries on Wednesday!!!)

* Watching 2,000 starving 19 year olds attacking the cafeteria on Fast Sunday. One young Elder was eating a bowl of Lucky Charms as he stood in line waiting for his Sunday dinner!

* Feeling the Spirit so strong as you testify to your "investigator" (a volunteer) that The Plan of Salvation is truly God's plan for his children because He loves us so much!

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  1. Hope to be able to experience it someday! Love you guys!