Sunday, April 10, 2011

What do Crawfish and Transfers have in Common?

We had both of them this week, that's what! Yesterday Scott and I drove to an HEB grocery store that he saw they were having a "crawfish boil" in the parking lot last week, but he didn't dare buy any because he didn't know if I would eat it. So we got some yesterday! I thought it was a soup! you know, a boil...wouldn't you think soup? So when they handed me a huge bag of cooked crawfish with a couple of cobbetts of corn and some spuds in there, I said "where's the soup?" He just looked at me so weird, so then I said, "do I put this in water?" and he told me I could do anything I wanted with it. I was so confused. so then I asked if I needed to buy the spices to put in my "soup". He then told me they had already boiled it in the spices, and boy oh boy had they. the corn on the cob was so spicy it was red! The red potatoes were so spicy I thought I was eating mexican food, but it was pretty good. NOW the crawfish, it was so much work getting at it to eat, you had to crack it and then scoop the goo (I don't think it was poo, but I could be wrong) out of it and then you got the littlest amount of meat that you wondered why anyone ever bothered trying to eat it in the first place! That small amount in my fingers is what you got in one of the small crawfishes...would you pluralize that like that?
I stopped eating after I cut myself trying to crack it open. it really wasn't bad, Scott says it tasted a lot like lobster, he had to eat most of them because I gave up, but it was fun! (fun is all relative!)

Friday night we went out to dinner with the Walkers and then had them come up and play Yatzee, Sister Walker beat us all 2 times in a row but the fun thing was watching Scott program the computer so we wouldn't have to keep our own scores. I know, that doesn't seem like a missionary thing to do, but we assure the young missionaries, our rules are different than yours!!! I guess it pays to be old once in awhile.

5 of our best Spanish Sister missionaries went home this past week, I loved them all, it will be fun to see them some day in the future at missioary reunions. left to right: Sister Wardle from Roy, Ut, Sister Taets from Phoenix, AZ, sister Maylett from VA, me, Sister Christensen from UT I think, and Sister Naufahu-Talikai from CA. Unfortuantely we only got in one Spanish Sister this transfer so it makes for interesting transfers. In May we get 5 in though! Plus some English and Spanish Elders. I think doing transfers is a lot like rearranging visiting teaching, it just causes this huge domino affect.

That's a lot of missionaries leaving! the next 3 transfers more than that leave each time. It's amazing that we've only been here 8 months and we just have such tender feelings for all of these people. One of the fruits of missionary work is feeling an outpouring of love for those you work with, members, investigators and missionaries. I AM SO THANKFUL to be doing what I'm doing right now and having the experiences I'm having, it's truly a blessing.

you know those in front, except Sister Thomas, back row is Elder Thomas, Elder Lemmon, Sister and President Hansen, Elder Stone, Nielsen, Anderson and Barlow.


  1. mom me and joe were laughing so hard about that dialogue between you and the crawfish guy. do i just add water then? haha classic! i really do miss going out on adventures with you, you never know what will happen

  2. aw sister stringfellow, I look like such a haggard run down dying missionary in these pictures haha