Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Luau without the Hawaii June 18th

President and Sister Hansen with me and Scott. President Hansen served his mission in Hawaii many years ago. The sister who came and cleaned their house is from Tonga and she wanted to give them a Luau for a going away present. She also made Sister Hansen's lei from fresh flowers and leaves, it was so beautiful.

Sister Young and Sister Nance with the Hansen's.

Sister Young and Nance were asked to bring the paper goods, they always decorate the tables so cute! It was very festive. They do the dinner for the arriving missionaries the week of transfers and the tables are always decorated with pass a long cards, Book of Mormons, candy and confeti. When I do meals the missionaries are lucky to get food, I don't do the decorations! I only have so much energy!

President Hansen's grandson was at the Luau, his son Robby and family are going to school in Huntsville so they see them quite often! I am just drawn to little children, I have missed my grandchildren so much and my preschool kids as well. It has been a nice sabatical from all of that but I am definitely ready to get back into the swing of children! But I do have to say that the sister missionaries give as good a hug as I get from any child! I don't ever hug the Elders, unless they're going home, Elder Atwood below and in the middle went home in June and I had to give him a hug before he went, he felt like one of my sons. I think I saw him every day for the last 8 months, he lived right by the office and loved to stop by for this or that it seemed. He's from Raymond, Alberta, Canada and loved to quote Bruce R. McConkie.

Elder Galbraith (the tall one below) and Elder Scoresby (the Assistant's to the President) with Scott and Elder Walker. Elder Galbraith was also near the office for the last 8 months. I've seen quite a few AP's come and go but Elder Galbraith never forgot his purpose! He is a missionary, he didn't really like doing the office stuff he had to do because it took away from prosleyting and teaching. He was ALWAYS HAPPY, if he felt discouragement he never showed it, and HE LOVED HIS MISSION. He goes home in August and was transfered back into the field for his last transfer, he was so happy about that! Elder Scoresby is such a happy young man also! Whenever he comes into the office he always spreads his arms and does this little jump that reminds me so much of when Pete was a little guy and one morning when he woke up he comes into my room and spreads his arms like that and says to me, "I'm up!" It was so cute. I just love my children, even now as grown ups! It will be nice to be back home with them. We have missed our parents so much as well being out here! When you are away from family for a time you realize how important those relationships are. I HOPE with a brightness of hope (2 Nephi 31:20) that I can spend ETERNITY with my family...up and down the line.

Elders Scoresby and Galbraith, President and Sister Hansen, Sister and Elder Walker, Scott and me! It felt so different in the office last Friday because the only one out of this group that was there for staff meeting was Elder Scoresby and us! But the work moves forward! I always say that you know the gospel is true because if it wasn't a bunch of 19 year olds and "Senior" missionaries would have messsed it up a long time ago! BUT IN ALL REALITY, these missionaries out here, young and old alike are just doing the best they can to teach others about Christ as their testimonies of Him grow and as they practice those very things they teach.

Here's me and my friend Sister Walker. She has been so loving and caring to me, I am so grateful for all the friends I've made out here in the Texas Houston Mission . Isn't this quilt so beautiful? the Sisters that went to the Louetta building several years ago pieced it when they built the Houston temple to put in the R.S. room.

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