Sunday, September 5, 2010

Making New Friends

The night we arrived here in Houston Elder and Sister Walker
invited us over for dinner. Elder Walker is over housing and he
not only helped us get our apartment but he also saved us $50
a month on our rent, had the young Elders move furniture into
our apartment and generally makes sure everything is going well
with us. Sister Young does all the finance in the office but her
other job is making all of us feel loved. She does a great job at that!

Here's our 3 Senior Sisters; Sister Young (on the left)
is from South Jordan and works in the Employment
office. She is just full of love and hugs! She is always
checking on me to see how I'm feeling. She was actually
at the MTC the week before we were there so we saw
her there just before she left for Houston. Sister Billingsly
in the middle also works at the Employment Office and is
from Mesa, Arizona. She says it's A LOT hotter here than
Arizona so now we know from an expert since she's now
felt the "dry" heat AND the "wet" heat. That's a good
description, you really do feel wet if you've been out in
it for too long. I don't know how the young missionaries
do it, especially those on bikes! They are all very hard
workers. Our other Sister Young (on the right) is the most
delightful person to be around. We work in the office with her
and she says the funniest things. The one that has really stuck
with me was when she was feeling out of place she said "I
feel just like a wart on a pickle!" She is the Secretary to the
President. I love all of these ladies!

Our first week here, Elder Stringfellow and I went
to the Houston Temple. It's only about 20 minutes
from our place, depending on the traffic of course!!!

Here's the Office Staff for the first month we were
here: back row - Elder Walker, Elder Thomson (AP)
Elder Stringfellow, Elder Martin (our wonderful, patient
trainer) and Elder Hiatt (AP). front row - Sister Walker,
Sister Stringfellow, and Sister Young.

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  1. Thanks for the update! We love hearing about your experiences!