Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our Home Away From Home

First of all, since it's Mom's birthday,
HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY. We are so grateful
for all you do for us and for the support you are
giving to us and our children while we serve.

Our apartment really surprised us, it's very nice.
The other office couple, Elder and Sister Walker
from Delaware, Sister Young from Sandy who also
works in the office, Sister Young from South Jordan
who works in the Employment office, and Sister
Billingsly from Arizona all live here. The couple we
replaced lived here also. W chose to get a one
bedroom apartment, it's nice to live more simply
and not worry about all that stuff! It takes about
45 minutes on Saturday mornings to clean our whole

This apartment complex has the most beautiful
pond in the middle of it. Going around it 3 times
is about a mile. The first week we were here we
got up at 6:30 like missionaries are supposed to
and walked around the pond. IT WAS SO HOT
AT 6:30 in the morning! It felt like 4:00 in
the afternoon. I guess this has been the hottest
summer with very high humidity on record.

This is Scott on the walking path, today Sept 4th
was the first day since we've been here that it was
nice enough to take the walking path. We have
lots of hope now that there is an end to the heat
and humidity, though we've been told that it will
be hot until after Halloween!

Our apartment building, we live in the middle
apartment on the right. A far cry from what we
were expecting in Paraguay.

Here we are at the mission office. We love working
here and being around all of the missionaries, young
and old alike.

The mission office. The truck to the left in the
back is the one Scott drives around for all sorts
of reasons. More on what we do later!


  1. cool!! your apartment does look so cute on the outside! makes me miss our old one a little bit ;) love you and miss you!! talk to you soon

  2. Glad to see you are well taken care of! You both look so young...your mission is treating you well!

  3. your place really does look nice! glad things are going well--you look good.