Saturday, January 15, 2011

A freezy transfer!

I know that none of you in Utah will feel any sympathy for us, but it was really FREEZY this week. And just to prove it, look at the sign! It got down to 29, yes 29, two nights in a row!!! They really did put this up at our apartment complex but I'm not sure why. Elder Walker said that several years ago it got this cold and pipes burst in a lot of complexes causing a lot of water damage, so now apartments do this. But we did get a kick out of it. Especially when we saw the next picture.

Yes! They actually put ice melt down, but wait, there was no snow, no rain, not even much humidity. Just very cold temperatures. I' sure glad that we didn't slip on the ice melt, that was slippery!

It was transfer week during all this cold weather. Sister Russon, on the right went home to Tooele, Utah. Sister Rodriguez, originally from Guatamala, came in and told me it was really freezy outside. She then told me it was more than chilly, it was freezy. I like that word, I think I will use that.

Hermana Stevenson and Porter. Hermana Stevenson, on the left was transfered into a 3-some, all 3 three sister missionaries are 6 feet tall! WOW! I will have to get a picture of them standing with me sometime!

Happy Birthday Elder Austin. (January 2nd)

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  1. Julie - You look so good in these pictures!! You look so happy! Glad you didn't slip on the ice melt. Friday night we were at the Bntfl. temple and we noticed the car thermometer read 46 degrees as we were leaving the parking lot. As we went down the hill, the temperature dropped until we got home and noticed it was 33 degrees. Oh, the lovely inversion!