Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why people live in Houston Texas!!!

It was SUCH a gorgeous day in Houston yesterday and today! Freezing cold at night (for at least 2 hours!) but warms up nicely in the day. Seriously, the weatherman says a few nights ago: "Bundle up folks it's going to be a cold night, it will be down below freezing for 2 hours tonight." Scott and I just looked at each other and said; "did he just say for 2 hours?" we both busted out laughing. Oh if they were in Utah, especially Vernal where it's below zero for at least 3 months! Anyway, yesterday was so nice that we got Subway sandwiches and took them to a park and ate, and watched all the soccer players (the park has 28 soccer fields!) and walked around it's walking path for awhile. It was probably about 65, blue, blue skies and no wind. That's why people live here! I must say when it's cold here though, it really does feel cold to the bone!

How romantic is this? Scott fixed for dinner some sweet potatoe fries. He was putting them in a bread pan when I told him he was being a minimalist again, so he put the same amount of fries on the cookie sheet and wrote my name! I really need to stay out of the kitchen, especially after my failure tonight while attempting to make fudge. Have any of you made fudge that turned out like crushed cookies? Speaking of kitchen failures, this wasn't a failure but I was so happy when the smoke alarm went off when Scott was cooking our steaks for Sunday dinner because it's usually me (it's happened twice) that makes the smoke alarm go off. The bad thing is the kitchen one goes off, then the bedroom one and it is REALLY LOUD and the only way to get them to go off is open the doors and the window and it's very embarrassing because I'm sure the whole complex hears it! The Stringfellow's must be cooking dinner again.

Here's Sister Walker just going to give Sister Cramer a hug.

What fun to be able to work with so many wonderful people! Sister Marsh, Sister Walker, Sister Radin and I are in this picture. Sister Radin is called to the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission but they get to go work out in a mission field for 2 1/2 months to see how it feels to proselyte and baptize. She got to be a part of 2 baptisms on the 1st of January. Scott and I drove her to the airport Wednesday to go back to Salt Lake. Watch for her when you go to Temple Sqaure and tell her Hi from Elder and Sister Stringfellow. She goes back to the Philipines the middle of April. The gospel is TRUE, and life is wonderful. We are so grateful for our friends and family and their love and support.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUINTIN Grandma and Grandpa love you and hope you had a good one!

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