Monday, February 7, 2011

Family Home Evening and THE BIG Freeze

Okay, I have to start this weeks blog with pictures of the sister missionaries, all of these sisters are actually Hermanas, they're all spanish speaking missionaries that live fairly close to the mission office, that's why I see them more often than the English speaking sisters. The first picture is when they decided to go potato golfing the first part of January, they went and bought old clubs really cheap at a thrift store, I think they said that they paid 50 cents and then went to the field across the street from the office and hit potatoes. The potatoes went SPLAT! But they had fun!

Last week we went to lunch with Hermana Bullock and Hermana Ferro, both very strong missionaries. Sister Bullock on the left is the most gung-ho missionay I think in the whole mission. She LOVES missionary work and is already in denial (or mourning) about having to go home in May. She gets so excited about everyone of her investigators and baptizes a lot of them because of her devotion to the Lord and to the people she loves and teaches. Hermano Ferro also loves the work, I believe Hermana Bullock was her trainer and she did a great job of instilling that love and enthusiasim for the work in Hermano Ferro. It's just fun being around them.

These Sisters are eating a yummy treat that Sister Walker made and brought to the office. Monday is P-Day for the missionaries and a lot of them come in to email and check for real mail. Hermana Porter, on the right can't eat sugar, wheat, dairy and anything else that is GOOD, so I think that's why Sister Walker made a treat that she could eat. These fruit cups were frozen and all of the missionaries loved them!

Elder and Sister Thomas are such wonderful people from California, serving as Employment Specialists for one year. They will be going home the first part of April and we will really miss them. Elder Thomas is SO funny and has great timing. Tonight he was talking about our boat trip that we had to cancel because it was too cold Saturday morning (for a very short time, it did warm up but by that time we'd already canceled the reservation). Anyway, he was talking about the Battleship Texas that we'll go see in March and right then Sister Marsh sneezed and without batting an eye he said, "I know Sister Marsh, it's really not something to sneeze at". I know, you had to be there, but it was funny all the same.

The thing I love about Family Home Evening with all of these people I have come to know and love is how much they love the gospel and how much fun we have. Sometimes too much when I can't quit laughing.

Me and Sister Young. She is such a classy lady and so loving and kind. I have never heard her say a bad word about anyone, she truly is a Saint. She reminds me of my friend Kerrie Keeler, a real take charge kind of person and very exhuberant, especially when teaching the gospel. I love her lessons in family home evening, they're always very entertaining as well as enlightening.

Here's the gang, starting at the left: Sister Thomas, Sister Marsh, Elder Stringfellow & me, Sister Young, and Sister and Elder Walker.

NOW the BIG FREEZE. I'm just sorry that I didn't have my camera with me Friday morning when we went out to our car. The windows were totally covered with a thin sheet of ice, about 1/4 inch thick that took Scott about 25 minutes to get off enough to be able to see out of, sort of. That evening there was still ice hanging off the bumper. (That's why we canceled the boat cruise for Sat. morning-we didn't realize that by Saturday afternoon it would be in the mid 50's!) As we were driving to the office (.7 miles away was all) I don't know if it was a bump we went over or a drip off some power lines that hit our window, but the chip that's been there for a several years cracked from one side of the window almost to the other. I tried to get a picture of it, you have to look really careful at the bottom of the window to see it. Thursday they canceled school and government offices and it looked like aboslutely nothing when we first got up, but then we heard on the radio that there were over 800 car accidents. The roads were just ice where ever there was a bridge or overpass. Crazy!

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