Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Family Home Evening

I realized looking for pictures last night of Scott and I that we didn't have that many, so tonight at our Family Home Evening Valentines dinner I had Elder Walker take one of us! Not bad for a couple of Senior missionaries!!! The love of my life!

We had a nice dinner that we bought from the lady who caters a lot of the meals for our mission. The menu was stuffed pork chops stuffed with fruit and nuts and a very yummy glaze with rice that I would love the recipe for, it was delicious and broccoli that was overcooked and cold. But hey, we didn't have to cook it and it was all very tasty anyway!

Sister Young's beautiful centerpiece! I definitely fell off the wagon and had way too much sugar today!

Hermana Rodriguez and Hermana Donkin! Such happy and wonderful missionaries! They're coming over for dinner at the end of the week for Hermana Rodriguez's birthday.

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