Sunday, October 10, 2010


Scott has pointed out to me several times today that it's 10-10-10! So I thought I would write 10 things I am grateful for.
1. Family (I love you guys!)
2. My faith in Jesus Christ, in His atonement, in His love for me and each one of us.
3. Friends - I am so blessed to have such great friends, including the ones I'm just making!
4. To be living my dream of being on a mission with my wonderful husband (Scott, thank you for all you do for me.)
5. To be feeling as good as I do! I recognize that God hears our prayers and enables us to do what we need to do.
6. That I can read (especially the scriptures) and listen (to prophets and apostles, my grandchildren's sweet little voices, uplifting music and so much more.)
7. Nature - thus the picture of the great big leaf, the cows in the pasture, an old barn! Sarah, on my screen saver right now is the picture you took of Antelope Island with all of the clouds in the sky; the wind on my face, the smell of rain, a beautiful sunset!
8.My right to choose - how to feel, how to think, what to believe.
9. The bounties of life - a home, food, shelter, we truly do have sufficient for our needs!
10. I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father and ALL that He does for me, I feel His loving hand and tender mercies every single day of my life!

These huge leaves are just outside our apartment and everyday I tell Scott I want to take my picture by it and every day he just rolls his eyes! So finally we took this picture because I noticed it's turning colors and will probably fall to the ground in a few weeks.
We pass by this old barn every day as we drive to the mission office.

Then we pass these cows every morning. The ironic thing is that north of this only a half mile is probably one of the busiest streets in all of Houston with every store and resturant imaginable.

Last Sunday we had a few missionaries over for dinner. This is Elder Hansen who goes home in a few weeks spoon feeding Elder Austin (who for some reason my brain thinks is Elder Curtis) who had just eaten before he came so he was'nt too hungry. Seriously, that's how much food he took and he didn't eat any of it! You don't see that too much.

Sister Maylet's birthday was the next week so we made her a dessert, Elder Stringfellow accidently bought the trick candles that don't ever blow out. They just kept re-lighting!


  1. i'm going to copy you on the ten things idea mom! clever :) i'm so glad I finally got to see that big leaf and that barn and the cows.

  2. i remember leslie did a top 10 on her mission, but what a great idea to do it on 10-10-10! loved your thoughts. glad you're doing good.