Saturday, October 2, 2010

Disney World here comes David's Family

What a fun treat for Scott and I when David and his family came through Houston on their way to Disney World! They had about a 2 hour layover here Wednesday evening so here I am nuzzling sweet Lizzie's little cheek! Just minutes before we went to see them we got an email from Sarah who is now in Ukraine. Here's what she says about where she is living. "i am living in Bugoslav, which is referred to as the ukrainian switzerland, meaning IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL, it was also found in 1036 and has such an amazing historical fabric i can hardly believe i'm experiencing it." So that's very exciting to know that she's there safe and doing okay.

As we watched them go through the security line to get back on their plane we were reminded of just how much energy it takes to be parents of young children. Physcially, emotionally and spiritually!!! But there truly is no greater work any of us will ever do than love and nurture those children God gives us. We are so pleased with how our children are striving to be good parents, way to go David , Angela, Angie and BJ. And thanks Peter and Sarah for all the love and recognition you give to your nieces and nephews, children can never have too many people who love them and build them up.

Poor Jonah woke up the morning they were leaving not feeling very good! It probably made for a quiter trip on the plane. Though I guess when they were first up in the air and the plane was making a turn Jonah turned to his dad and told him that he wanted the plane to stop and he wanted to get off, it wasn't feeling too good. I know how he feels, for many years I always felt air sick, but it's funny that I never do anymore.
Jonah looks pretty happy in this picture. Did I tell the story about Jonah at preschool. I guess one day he didn't feel like helping clean up when it was clean up time, when Diane reminded him that the rule is everyone helps he said, "I don't have to, my Grandpa's on a mission!" So there you go-the mind of a 4 year old!

Don't I have the most beautiful grandchildren? Abby started first grade this fall. Wow how fast they grow up! I feel bad because the picture I took of Eli was very blurry so we'll have to take one of him next Wednesday morning when they come back through. They have another layover for an hour or so and since the airport is only about 15 minutes from us we're going to take them some doughnuts and hear about their grand Disney adventure.

Me and Abby are wearing her and Jonah's hats. Abby is going to be Jesse from Toy Story and Jonah is Woody. Eli is Buzz Lightyear and Lizzie is going to be the little alien with 3 eyes. Angela made them the cutest costumes. David and Angela are going to be Mr. and Mrs. Potatoe Head of course. How cute is that! Can't wait to see the pictures!

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  1. how FUN is that...david and family getting a layover in houston so you could see them!