Friday, October 29, 2010

transfers, flare-ups, and a mugging!

I didn't blog last week because I wasn't really feeling up to it! I started having leg pain on a Monday, didn't sleep Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday because of the pain. It's weird! During the day it was uncomfortable but I could get up and walk around and talk with people and it was bearable, but like a ticking clock at night that's not noticed during the day, Wow! during the night it was just excruciating. I did go to the doctor on Thursday morning and he didn't think it was associated with MS so he told me that I should go see an Orthapedic Dr. and told me to take some ibuprophen. Believe me I called him on Friday to say that not only did that not help but it didn't even begin to touch the pain. So then he gave me some pain medicine that made me so sick on Friday that I threw up for the1st time in 22 years! No kidding! Gross! On Monday I got into an orthapedic Dr. thanks to my wonderful mission president. The doctor put me on a milder pain med and gave me some real low dose steriods that seem to have helped. But the best thing he did was say that he would talk with my neurologist and see if between the two of them they could figure out what is going on. They did and MRI last Tuesday and doing some other test this Monday at the neurologist's office. I'm pretty sure it's an MS flare-up but I'm not a Dr and he says it's not but it's so similiar to what happened last June just in a different place. But gratefuly, it didn't last as long and I was able to get help and relief sooner. I don't know why "stuff" happens, not just to me but to people around me that I love. One of our dear sweet Senior Sisters was mugged 25 steps from her apartment this past week by some guy who knocked her down, stole her purse, with all her ID, money, phone, car keys and took our feeling of safety down a level! BUT, in all this we have to see that God is in charge. I just read this quote by Wallace Goddard: "I define faith as the stubborn resolve to see God's goodness in everything that happens to us." Neal A. Maxwell said:

"Let the kaleidoscope of life's circumstances be shaken, again and again, the
true believer of Christ will still see with the eye of faith divine design and
purpose in his life." The article is titled A Little Known Debate in Heaven and is very thought provoking.

Sister Young (in the middle) is going home today, back to Sandy, Utah. Sister Walker and I will miss her a lot. She had lots of stories and funny sayings. I will never forget the saying; "I feel like a wart on a pickle!"

Here we are last Sunday in Brenham, Tx about a little over and hour away from us. We took a new car to some Elders there and then went to the branch's Sunday meetings. Sister Young and Sister Young took the Sunday drive with us.

We had a guest at the Mission Office the other day! We caught him as a pet (one of the missionaries did!) and put him in a fish bowl but he turned an ugly brown color so we let him go!

The AP's Elder Thomson from Hawaii and Elder Anderson from Utah. Elder Thomson was just transfered up to College Station. We will miss him. Missions are a series of Hellos and Good-byes!

The transfer trailer!

One of the Sister missionaries (we won't say who) showed up 15 minutes late with everything she owned in the back of her car. NOT in a box or suitcase, just in the back of her car. So Elder Stringfellow was helping her back it into whatever we could find. Since she had to put it in the back of this trailer, he was taping up her stuff so it wouldn't fall out and get lost. I'm not sure where her suitcases were.
WHY ISN'T THERE AN UNDO BUTTON ON BLOGSPOT? I just accidently deleted the picture of Scott taping up the laundry basket and I don't know how to get it back on there. He just said he didn't think that was very blog worthy anyway!

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  1. sorry you had a bad pain week! that is a waay funny story about dad, tell him he has appeared on my blog for less