Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Week Has Passed Quickly

Last week was a week for catching up. I finally got the Mission History started and organized. All I need to do now is print it off. We put pictures in it and describe the comings and goings of all the missionaries and various Conferences that are held. We also put in testimonies of recent converts and special experiences of the missionaries. It's kind of like a blog in a binder. I think I'm finally somewhat comfortable with my varied assignments and don't feel quite so panicked! Saturday all of the Senior missionaries took a trip to Traders Village, which is a giant flea market and then we went to a big farmers market with the best looking fruits and vegtables. Though I did have to laugh when I saw a bag of potatoes from Idaho and apples from Washington. I bought the best tasting mango though, not sure where it came from!

Here are my two Sister Youngs. I just love them both. They both have such unique personalities. They're in the middle of throwing bread to the ducks. The dark hair Sister Betty Jo Young works in the office with us and is going home at the end of the month and I am sad to see her go. One of the best parts of the mission are the people you meet and friends you know you'll have forever! We got to meet Sister Peggy Jo Young's daughter this weekend. Hi Margaret! (she told me she reads my blog to see what her mother's up to!)

On Sunday we went to the Klien Stake's Conference, Elder Marlin Jensen was one of the speakers. His talk touched me so deeply. He talked to a young man recently who had returned from his mission 4 years ago and had read some anti-mormon literature and had decided to leave the church. Elder Jensen didn't really say what he'd said to him but said he reflected on the origin of his testimony and the foundation of his beliefs. He had 3 points;

*1 Christ is talking in Matthew 7:15: Beware of false prophets - if there are false prophets then we have true prophets and we know them by their fruits, LOOK, OBSERVE, example the Word of Wisdom that Joseph Smith gave 180 years ago.

*2 John 7:16,17 When Christ is speaking about the doctrine; we can know it by living it. That is the only way! "The proof is in the pudding.!

*3 1 Corinthians 2:11 For what man knoweth but by the Spirit of God. He expressed that this one is the most elusive, Moroni 10:5 By the power of the Holy Ghost ye SHALL know the truth of all things. This connects what we believe with what we do.

This too is my testimony, I know it because I have felt it so deep in my heart, even every fiber of my being, I cannot deny that it is through that power that I know. I know. I am grateful. I am SO Blessed to have this knowledge and faith and hope in my Savior.

Here are the tres hermanas. Sister Rodriguez, closest to me is the sister we took to the hospital last weekend for an MRI. We unfortuantely missed Elder Costa's talk to all of the missionaries in the 3 Houston missions but I was glad that we were there with her. She moved to California about 4 or 5 years ago but is originally from Guatamala and I knew exactly what she was going through with the back pain and having to have MRI's. The president was glad Elder Stringfellow was there too in case they needed an interpreter, but she got along fine. The other two sisters are Hermana Bullock and Hermana Ferro.

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