Monday, December 13, 2010

The Thoughtfulness of Others!

Look at what a fun tree we have. It's full of the good deeds of others. Sister Marsh's tatted stars, pictures and letters and stars and hearts from wonderful children and grandchildren who have remenbered grandma and grandpa, there's even a hidden key, the Key of Christmas to help us remember the baby Jesus, thanks Kristian for remembering us!

And look at that Merry Christmas banner! Thanks Karen and all your wonderful activity day girls for making such an awesome banner, the perfect size for our living room wall. That was so thoughtful and a very fun surprise. P.S. Elder Stringfellow really is excited about it all!

Elders Smith, Atwood, Struthers and Lindsay are all excited too! Actually this was taken on Thanksgiving at a members home and Elder Lindsay is now back in California but I told them I wanted to put their Santa picture on my blog!

This is Elder Sorenson and Elder Austin. Both great missionaries. Very caring and helpful. Elder Austin asks me every day if I've taken my medicine and Elder Sorenson helps keep Elder Stringfellow in a job by rolling his car (very slowly I might add) in the church's parking lot one morning in front of a bunch of teens heading into early morning seminary. It wasn't about speed, it was all about momentum or the tree and the 2 other missionaries (unfortuantely the 2 AP's) on the one side of the car that made the car roll. Elder Sorenson was picking just the right time to tell Elder Stringfellow but unfortunately the Stake President called and asked him about it first. We love our mission! You just never know each day what's going to come your way!!! Poor Elder Sorenson, I don't think anyone will ever let him forget this.

My favorite nativity from the presentation we went to a week or so ago. This one is of children putting on the Christmas pageant. I love the little guy on the ladder holding the star. This year has been such a wonderful Christmas time because we aren't worrying at all about all the hustle and bustle (we've only been to the mall twice, both fairly short visits!) and concentrating more on the true meaning of Christmas. I just love the feeling of Christmas -

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