Sunday, March 6, 2011

2 Special Baptisms

Scott and I attended 2 very special baptisms for Jayde and Taylor Hinson, my nephew Courtney and his wife Carmen's twin daughters, Saturday evening. What a fun night it was to spend with Courtney's family and Torrey's family. It was just great to be with family, they made us feel so welcome and loved! I love that about Texans!!! Thanks Jayde and Taylor for letting us share in your special night.

Jayde and Taylor looking like beautiful angels!

Torrey and Lexi and sons, Kody and Ty- PS Happy Birthday today Ty!

Scott and I with Devyn, Carman, Courtney holding Gabe and Taylor and Jayde in front.
That cute little Gabe being held by his daddy Courtney! He is just a couple of weeks older than my grandson Quintin!

Devyn is 13 and 1/2 and I know she looks waaaaay taller than me, BUT, she's only a little taller than I am because look at those shoes she has on!!!

Yes, these shoes! Too Cute...both Devyn and the shoes!

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