Sunday, March 27, 2011

A BIG Full Moon

Last week the moon was as close to the earth as it has been in a long time. the next time it will be this close is in 2029! We thought that was pretty cool so we went out to take a picture of it! It was so beautiful. We love our apartment complex because of the lovely lake/pond that's here that we can walk around. I am SO grateful for nature-even if it is man-made in the middle of the city. I thought Scott did a great job getting this picture! It was tricky because the clouds kept getting in the way. Pretty much every night and morning there are clouds that come off the gulf that burn off by midmorning. We're starting to have a lot of dew again in the mornings that drenches our cars. It seriously looks like it's rained, but it hasn't! We found a night picture function on the camera and took a pic of "our swan" with the moon gleaming in the pond! (Or it might be a reflection of some lights around the pond.) Now that's true nature!

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