Saturday, March 26, 2011

Seeing the Sights of Houston


Sister and President Hansen joined us. I think this was their first time sight-seeing in the 2 1/2+ years they've been here. It was nice to have them along.

Elder & Sister Nagel and Sister and Elder Christensen (from Burley, ID) came down from Huntsville to sight-see with us. The Nagels are in charge of the Institute at Sam Houston State University and the Christensen's are Leadership and member support for Madisonville and Crockett, TX. They average 750-1000 miles on their car A WEEK! The shipping channel was very interesting. I never realized that after they crush our cars when we're done with them, they then pulverize them to smithereens and then send them to a smelter where they are used to make materials for a new car! There were a lot of different industries that are along the channel from storing and shipping grain to petroleum products, receiving cars from who knows where and a lot of other things. It was interesting. I guess you had to be there!!! (he,he)


This battleship was used in WWI and WWII, it was destined to be scrapemetal when Texas rallied and brought it back to Texas for a musuem. It was interesting to see how men and women lived on a ship like that. I would have had MAJOR claustrophobia!


Isn't this a cool picture Scott took. This monument is a tribute to the battle that won Texas it's independance from Mexico. Did you know Texas was it's own country for 10 years before joining the Union? This battle is where the cry "Remember the Alamo" was made. I believe it was around 1838, I want to say, I better check that! But not tonight, I'm tired and need to go to bed!
The Monument itself is exactly like the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. EXCEPT it's 15 feet taller, which Texas is very proud of! Plus it has the Star of Texas on top of it. The picture below was taken from the deck of the Battleship Texas which sits close to it.

It was a beautiful Spring day, rather windy. It was the kind of day that makes you glad you're not up north in all of that cold and snow! But we sure do miss ya'll!

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