Saturday, May 21, 2011

Can you believe ANOTHER "sweet and sour" week?

So...this was a first for me, yesterday, not once but twice, I went to call Elder Steagall and then Sister Bullock about referrals I think it was and realized when I couldn't find them on the phone list that they had gone home 2 days earlier!!! I know it's just another group shot, but to me it's real people who will be missed A LOT! Hermana Taets, we still miss you!

Hermana Rodriguez and Hermana Smart were both transfered to areas that are quite far from the office so we really won't see them as often. I know they were both a little sad and so was I. But I assured them both that we would see them in just a few weeks at Zone Conference which is coming up June 7,8, & 9th. Hermana Rodriguez is going english speaking, she is a native spanish speaker from Guatamala (her parents now live in California and that's where she will go back home to) and she was very concerned that she would forget the spanish language. She hears the english Sisters say that all of the time, but I assured her she would not forget her native language. It will really help her English and benefit her for the rest of her life no matter where she lives. It's really quite the production on transfer day getting everyone to where they need to go. Thank Heaven that Elder Walker loves driving the "bus" to wherever it needs to go.

Yesterday Scott and I were driving along when all of a sudden he says, "hey, look! Free haircuts!"

Only in Texas will you see signs like this. I love how people are not afraid to talk about and show how much they love Jesus. And yet, the crime is unbelievable in the area we live in. This morning we got a call at 6:40 AM that someone had thrown a big stone paver through the Mission Office's front window. Luckily we have a great alarm system that probably scared the person off and the alarm company called the AP's who called Elder Stringfellow. Our downstairs neighbors lost all of their electronics on Wednesday as well, someone broke a window and stole it all in the middle of the day! Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone just kept the 10 Commandments? There would no more be any Nightly News here in Houston!

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