Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We had the best Memorial Day weekend! But 1st I want to say: THANK YOU to all those who fight for our freedoms and to their families who sacrifice so much so that they can. We can NEVER repay you for what you have given all of us here in this great land of America!

Mom and Stormy flew here from Boise, Idaho and my brother David and his wife drove down from Kansas with their boys Dayne and Jordan and with daughter Jade and husband Brian and their little guy Ammon! It was so great being with family! I love you Mom, I am so grateful for the love and support you've given us on our mission.

Our wind-blown hair-dos before we got wet! (This is the beach in Galvaston! You have to walk through all of that sea-weed to get to the water, good thing we didn't want to go swimming!) We got very wet on the ferry ride we took when I was just going to have the spray cool me off and a big wave came over the side and I got sopping wet! ( I didn't post that picture.)

Stormy Banks, recent graduate from Timberline High and future student at U of I in Moscow Idaho! You are so patient to put up with our very hot weather and grandma beating you at the last second in a whopping game of Yatzee! A yatzee on your very 1st turn of ever playing the game is pretty lucky! And we were lucky to get to spend some time with you! (But we really missed you Lisa and Mike!!!)

We had such a great time at Courtney and Carman's home, what great hosts they were to all 23 of us who crashed at their house (luckily, that does include their family). It was something that Courtney told us about that inspired the title of this post. He had just returned from 6 weeks of training for the Air Force where he had heard a presentation from a man who had spent 6 YEARS in a POW prison called the Hanoi Hilton. He said the main thing he took away from the experience is that the things that matter most in life are FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS and FUN.

I loved that, I have learned that for myself this past year. I truly am so grateful for my faith in my God and also in myself and others around me, my family and friends who are such a blessing in my life and I thought that was interesting that he would pick the word fun. Probably because it started with an "F", but truly to be able to enjoy, finding joy in the journey, no matter what you are going through is more than half the battle. Thanks again Courtney for the wonderful example you are to all of us!

Torrey, you need to be thanked also! What a service you gave to all you worked on all weekend, you do have a special gift and we are grateful. I'm sure you would have liked to be able to relax all weekend too but that was so nice of you share your healing touch.

Brian and Jade, it is so fun to see you parent your child. That Ammon is so cute and what an out-going guy he is. It helped me not miss my grandchildren so much when I got to hang out with him and Gabe and Cole. Thanks for making the effort to come and see us!

Here's the 3 amigos! 2 year old Ammon, 3 year old Gabe and his cousin 4 year old Cole. Ammon really kept up with the "big boys"! It was so cute to watch them play.

Here's the whole crew after church on Sunday!

I think Scott and I found a fixer-upper if we ever want to move to Galvaston! It's definitely seen it's share of hurricanes! Pete, we found you a place to live in Texas! No worries, the beach is right behind it!

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