Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's Really All About the People!

For Mothers day Elder Stringfellow and Elder Walker wanted to either make us breakfast Saturday or Sunday or take us to dinner, after much himming and hawing, and checking everyones schedules, we ended up at Ryan's buffet in Conroe Satureday evening, thank you so much for your generosity Elder Walker! It is really good food, it's not your Chuck a Rama variety so get ready David and Lisa and Mom and all who are coming cuz we're going to have to go there! I'm so excited to see ya'll in just a few weeks. Don't worry, we've been warming up the place for you! It's been in the 90's for a few days now and I don't think any cooler weather is on the way! (I don't know if that's good or bad!) After dinner at Ryan's we drove over to lake Conroe to walk off some of that good food we ate!

I titled this picture the 3 amigas! such sweet sisters who always check on me to see how I'm feeling and they know what I love!!! York peppermint patties pieces, YUMMMMMY!!! THANKS A BILLION!

Hermana Rodriguez has been wanting to teach me how to make tortillas the Guatamalan way for some time now. I'm giving it a try here, I didn't know they made corn flour that looks just like wheat flour, anyway, I guess they do. The tortillas were "delicioso", "son muy ricos". she also made rice the Guatamalan way which has green beans and carrots in it. I think I'm learning how to cook late in life! Last Tuesday I made pulled pork in barbecue sauce for the Zone Leader Council meeting and then made Cafe Rio chicken for our dinner with the Hermanas. And it actually tasted really good! Here's Sister Donkin learning how to make them too. Fresh tortillas make anything taste good.

This is Sister Fonua, Sister Maxwell, Sister Pincock, Sister Adaoag, and Elders Pliego (Diego Pleigo - cool name, huh?) and Elder Bernfeld (who really wants a name tag that says Burnsfields as a joke!) all up in College Station, which is far away so we don't get to see them too often and I just love every one of them! It's amazing to me how on a mission you feel such love and kinship with those you serve with and those you serve.

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