Saturday, May 21, 2011

Senior Missionaries Night at the Astros

One of Scott's "hobbies" is going to major league baseball stadiums. He like the games too! Me, the games are okay but I like the food and the people and the jumbo-tron.... So we had to get to Minute Maid Park and see the Astros while we were here. Scott thinks this was his 17th or 18th baseball stadium. On June 30th the National Anthem is going to be sung by a multi-Stake Primary from the Church, but we didn't want to wait that long, plus Elder Walker is a big baseball fan and they are leaving around June 22nd! That is coming up fast, I will be so sad to see them go! It's amazing how close you feel to those you serve with. We miss the Elders and Sisters every transfer, they always leave a big hole, but it's amazing how the new missionaries come and quickly become a part of the Mission!

MINUTE MAID PARK! We got there an hour and a half early! The roof was closed but just before the game started it opened up! That was cool to see. Unfortunately, the Astro's lost after a 4-0 lead! "They really need to fire somebody!" that's what they always say on Sports radio here in Houston Texas. (I don't listen to that but Elder Stringfellow does every morning as he's shaving.)

Minute Maid Park is right in the middle of the city.

Sister Young, Sister Nance and Sister Christensen

Sister and Elder Walker and Brother and Sister Sulski.

Sister and Elder Buckway. They just got here a month ago. They are Member and Leadership support for the Hearne and Caldwell branches west of College Station.

me and Scott, we've made a pact that we can't go home until we've each lost 10 pounds! Well, I didn't promise anything because I'm going home NO MATTER HOW MUCH I WEIGH...BUT I really HOPE that I'm down 10 pounds. That would be so nice...but aren't we glad that we realize there are a lot more important things to care about.

Every Friday night they do fireworks at the ballgame, they were SPECTACULAR! I just love fireworks, plus we lucked out that night, it was not too hot, it was the perfect temperature for a ballgame.

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